Tian Den 

The Tian Den lighting series is named after Taiwanese sky lanterns. A hand-sewn paper shade lays upon a structural wooden frame whose bamboo ribbing keeps the lantern’s form while allowing it to become animated by a breeze or passing body. The Yame Kozo Hadaura paper absorbs daylight, revealing the frame and accentuating the vitality of the lamp when both lit and unlit. Delicate details—wood wire coverings, an elliptical base, and handmade white stone ceramic fixtures—transform the mundane task of changing a light bulb into a ritual of care.

Material: Yame Kozo Hadaura Paper, Bamboo String, Cherry, White Stone Ceramics

: 10” L  x 12” W x 45” H

: 10” L  x 12” W x 37” H

: 8” L  x 9” W x 20” H

Lead Time: Made to order.
Please allow  16 - 18 weeks.