The Jia-Ciasa collection is a series of delicate, handmade objects built with deliberate detail. It is born from nostalgia and imagination, and is the materialisation of my philosophies of making. These works respect daily use; they are dedicated to a sense of ritual and honour the phenomenon of an object becoming beautifully ordinary. A phenomenon that occurs through the mutual respect a person and an object can offer one another.  Each piece is made to change with time and reflect its use, becoming intrinsic to the home, and thus, beautifully ordinary.

The collection imbues a sense of movement to the stillness of furniture; asking the viewer to imagine the animated objects in their mind, to wonder what may fit in certain drawers, and whether the lampshade will dance as a body moves past it. A collection of objects realised through memories of family and of home, Jia-Ciasa consists of five furniture pieces and seven wall-mounted objects.