rigs and jigs:
tools that make tools that make artifacts
Rigs and Jigs is based on the studio prompt to reconstruct a portable picnic basket for two, in form and ideology. The proposal was centered around tools. It is specifying tools that are created to eat, and the tools that make those tools. The limitations of the time frame of seven weeks dictated how far I could go in the depths of the tools that make tools that make the tools. A continuation of this project is based on making the next set of tools that came before. The proposal is a picnic basket to make a picnic basket for two.  

A picnic basket for two. Materials: maple wood box, porcelain ceramic containers as bowls, walnut and white oak chopsticks, silver serving spoon. Objects not made: glasses and the two cloth rags.

drawings of tools 
(left) A picnic basket for two and (right) a picnic basket to make the picnic basket for two.

Constructed elements of the picnic basket to make a picnic basket : a wooden frame with muslin cloth fabric, four wooden boxes made from walnut and white oak that enclose the two and three-part plaster molds for the ceramic containers. A white oak chopstick jig to be used with a Japanese hand planner. 

*The tools not made; the Japanese pull saw, planner, chisels and hammer.*

The molds are enclosed within the wooden framed boxes with their positive porcelain object above, emphasizing the value of the process as well as the final form.