measurements of people

30 people who I have known and lived next to as a student


The remeasuring of Henry Dreyfuss’ measure of Man does not only live as a critique to the numerical data and scientific conformity of how a human being “should” sit, it also questions the intentions and motives behind the creation of furniture.

In my practice, it is to relate the chair being made to its time and the actions of bodies that surround it. Understanding tendencies and preferences and finding numbers in the study of nature. In the study of how bodies like to sit instead of how they are “supposed” to sit.

The qualitative and quantative research that comes ou of this study will dictate a formulated understadning of what a seat mean to the people that have been measured, demonstrating the necessary step in telling the story of making an objects.

How do diffrent bodies sit the same and how do same bodies sit differently. the data will create a story of sitting.