a reading space for one: a bench as a library 

In pursuit of extending and reconstructing the notion of what a book is, this proposal extends the construction of shared knowledge; can a “book” be a joining of many pre existing, individual, interrelated texts and publications?  How do communities share knowledge in margin notes of physical books? How can a bench be a library? In reference to my approach to reading, due to my dyslexia, the pursuit of knowledge through words was discouraging and exhausting. Thus, I became accustomed to reading just the notes in books borrowed from the library, or lent to me by classmates and friends. These abbreviated thoughts were more accessible than the intimidating and singular text fonts of books.

This proposal becomes not only a communal space to share  new thoughts and resources with loved ones. It examines how reading different books, and notes in books, may create different methodologies of understanding and consuming knowledge.